6 Recommended Interesting Destinations In Chennai India

6 Recommended Interesting Destinations ilIn Chennai, India

Learning about new cultural life is never-ending because every region in a country has its uniqueness. One thing you must visit in Chennai, the cultural center of South India which is rich in cultural heritage.

You can see the beauty of traditional arts, such as classical dances, which are danced in certain clothes. If you come at the right time, you can even participate in festivals held in celebration.

To visit is very easy because you only need to take the Kuala Lumpur to Chennai flight. But before coming, list the places you will visit first. This way, you can maximize your vacation time by listening to the following review.

Tourist Destination Recommendations in Chennai, India

1. Exploring the Uniqueness of History

One way to see the lives of residents is to visit the local museum. The museum is home to various historical relics where you can see how residents lived their lives. You can visit the Government Museum in a complex with a large collection of artifacts. 

Starting from a collection of bronze statues from the Chola Dynasty and several colonial-era antiques. The museum building structure is divided into 6 parts based on collection content and function differences. 

Among them are the main building, front building, children's museum, bronze gallery, national art gallery, and contemporary art gallery. The six rooms are divided into 46 types of collections with stunning displays and are still maintained today.

2. Admire Unique Buildings

There is the Thousand Lights Shia Mosque which attracts many visitors because of its unique architecture. This mosque has a tall dome and minaret that has risen since it was built in 1810.

This oldest mosque in Chennai is also very meaningful because it is rich in history. This mosque is a national treasure and the shrine of Imam Husein, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

3. Visiting Important Libraries

You can find other historic buildings that are still operational at the Connemara Public Library. This library is still open to the public since it was built in 1896 and stores many books.

It has been around for hundreds of years, so it is unsurprising that this library holds many rare books. You can find various subjects and topics in this building with a unique architectural style.

The Connemara Public Library carries a theme of a mixture of Southern Hindu Decani, Rajput, Gothic, and Mughal. Visit this library to read rare literature and admire every corner.

4. Visit Important Places

Most Indian people follow the Hindu religion where they keep temples very sacred, and it's so important to them. One of the famous temples that is a must-visit is the intricate and colorful Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple.

As the name suggests, the beauty of this temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi with its unique architectural design. To visit it, you only need to go to the Elliots Beach Area in Besant Nagar, where the waves make the temple even more magical.

5. Enjoying Natural Wealth

If you want to enjoy natural beauty within easy reach, Marina Beach is the answer. One of the longest urban beaches in the world is very easy to reach from the city center because it is close. The location is right behind Sadras Fort, which has a rich history, so it is very easy to find. 

However, Marina Beach still has its charm for anyone who wants to come to admire it. You can do many activities on this beach, including relaxing and enjoying the beautiful sunset. The enchanting blue waters attract visitors to admire this 12 km stretch of beach.


That's a review of several tourist destinations that you can visit while in Chennai. Apart from Chennai, you can also visit Jaipur to learn about culture and enjoy its natural beauty. You only need to order a flight ticket to Jaipur on Traveloka for the best price.

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