Send Your Birthday Wishes With Fruit Basket

Send Your Birthday Wishes with Fruit Basket | Nothing can make the birthday celebration completely delightful and festive that a basket of fresh fruits. If you know someone dear and special who is about to celebrate birthday, why not send her a Flower of fruit basket? You can always approach the Florist Singapore for the perfect assortments for the birthday celebration and the recipient will surely be glad to receive the basket as gift. If you want to greet the birthday celebrant in the most delightful way, here are your options:

Bountiful Harvest Basket of Fruits and Treats

The florist arranges this fruit basket with special assortments of fruits that include red and green apples, pears, oranges, grapes, kiwi, pineapple, mixed nuts, wheat crackers, cheese, chocolate truffles, and chocolate covered almonds and cherries. This is a perfect gift for the birthday celebrant who prefers the sweet but healthy treats on celebration day. 

Orchard Celebration Basket of Fruits

Offering all of the season’s best harvest in one basket, this fruit basket is a perfect gift on birthdays because of its fabulous seasonal fruits. A florist delivery of this gift will surely brighten up the celebrant’s day. The basket may even add festivity to the buffet table. Ask the online florist for the best selections of seasonal fruits to add to a customized fruit basket.

Grand Feast Basket of Fruits

Whether for an adult or for a little child, you can send this grand feast basket of fruits as your birthday gift alongside a lovely bouquet of birthday flowers. The basket contains orchard-fresh fruits and artisan cheeses, shortbread cookies, chocolate fudge, and candies. You can send one today and let the celebrant feast on the fruits and treats on celebration. 

Classic and Traditional Fruit Basket For Birthdays

Elegant and delightful, a gift of fruit basket on birthday celebration is a tradition. The rustic hand-woven basket lined with wicker is usually filled with the best of the season’s harvest of fruits and nuts. The fresh fruits are naturally sweet, crisp, ripe, and tasteful. If you want to give the celebrant something healthy to feast on during the birthday celebration, the florist recommend a classic and traditional basket of fresh fruits. 

Celebrate birthdays or remember someone’s special day by sending fruit basket. This special delivery will surely bring delight to the occasion. With the assortment of fresh fruits, the birthday celebration will turn out to be more festive for the celebrant and guests.

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