10 Unexpected Ways To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Larger

May 04, 2018

10 Unexpected Ways To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Larger | Mirrors are far more versatile than we think. They are some of the best design tools in a small home owner’s back pocket. We all have a good idea of where to hang a mirror in our home, like the bathroom, over your vanity, or above a mantle. 

When it comes to smaller spaces, however, you need to take a more unconventional and unexpected approach when decorating with mirrors. These tips can come in handy for you, especially if you’re looking for newer apartments or condominiums (for example, those newly developed on johor land). High prices per square feet has forced many a buyer to settle for a smaller apartment.

Read on for some unexpected ways to use mirrors to your advantage in small spaces.

1. Group them together

Large mirrors can be a pricey purchase. What’s more, they always say the smaller the space, the larger the mirror should be. Fret not. If you do not have the budget for it, there is perfect alternative. Look out for smaller mirrors at discount stores or thrift shops. They usually come with super small price tags on them. Although they may be mismatch at first, you can paint their frames the same color to make them look more cohesive. Or you could just embrace the difference and mix and match them up. The idea is to group these small mirrors together on the wall in the same place.

2. Behind the stove

Think about placing a mirror behind your stovetop, which is traditionally a dark area in your kitchen. A mirror will help lighten up the area, bouncing any available light around. Not only does this make it easier to see what you’re cooking, it makes it a more enjoyable place to stand. Though of course, they’re bound to get dirty and a little greasy, but it’s not like it’s not easy to clean up. Just give the smooth surfaces a good wipe from time to time.

3. Turn them on their side

Don’t think that you have to hang mirrors right side up. You can also turn them on their side. This works particularly well when you’re dealing with long and skinny mirrors. This trick helps elongate your space horizontally, adding a bit of width to your small space.

4. Cabinet fronts

Your kitchen cabinets are an ideal place to experiment with mirror placement. Although you can consider other places for this trick, the kitchen is the safest location for this DIY project. Think about it, if you lack the space on your walls for mirrors, gluing mirrored tiles to cabinet fronts is a savvy way of adding reflection to your space. You can do just the tops, or the bottoms, or both. But either way, it’s a curious technique that is sure to garner a few questions from your guests – a conversation starter as well!

5. Beside your dining table

Another ideal place for a mirror is beside your dining room table. Evoke the feel and aura that you always see in a cozy restaurant right at home. This allows you to use softer lighting in your dining room, while still keeping it bright and light. Think of it as lighting that sets the mood while still allowing you to see your dinner plate.

6. Floor length

Like horizontal mirrors expand the width of your space, floor length mirrors expand your space’s vertical height. Their longer shape draws the eye upwards towards the ceiling and carries your sight around the room. This helps make your space feel lighter and brighter. They are also versatile in placement. You can place them as a focal piece on their own, or behind groupings of furniture.

7. Layer them up

You don’t have to restrict it to just one mirror in your space. Why not add in several? Think of them like artwork, just that they add lightness to your space. For example, you can make an entire wall mirrored, and then add smaller defined mirrors on top of that to create more drama. Not only are you creating a more open-feeling in your space, you’ll also be giving it depth without weighing things down.

8. Fake a window

The key to adding light and brightness to small spaces is having lots of natural light. However, for many, that’s not a realistic option. Instead, you can use mirrors to give the illusion of more windows. Place them opposite real windows to give a visual reflection of the real windows. It also add more symmetry to your room.

9. Beautiful backsplashes

Another tip is to add mirrors to your kitchen in the form of backsplashes. The space between your cabinets and kitchen counters is the perfect place to add a little bit of reflection. It will reflect any under counter lighting you may have, or reflect the little amount of light you do have in your kitchen, allowing you to forego the need for real natural light in your kitchen.

10. Fake mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture can be quite expensive. Like what we said on covering your cabinets with mirrors, you can simply fake it for other pieces of furniture. Simply measure your furniture pieces and get mirrored glass cut up at your local hardware store. Although this might be a more labor-intensive endeavor, the results can be quite amazing. You will have a beautiful mirrored piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost of more expensive designer pieces.

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