4 Beauty Hacks to make you Party Ready

4 Beauty Hacks to make you Party Ready | Christmas and New Year’s round the corner and it’s time for some party! But, are you worried going out with that pimple on your cheeks or those dark circles around your eyes? Worry not! You have just arrived at the right place to get some great advices. Here are the 4 trending beauty hacks that will help you get party ready anytime and for everywhere!

1. Revolutionize your cleansing routine

The first step to any beauty regime is to deep cleanse your skin and free it from toxic wastes. The Rire All Kill Brush Cleanser is a revolutionizing product that comes with a brush cleanser and is best suited for a whitehead and a blackhead prone skin. Even if you have a normal skin, I would still recommend it for deep cleansing at least twice a week. The brush imparts a moisturizing effect and takes care of open pores and dead skin. 

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2. Seal your party makeup

After you have done all that hard work of setting the primer, concealer, face powder, mascara, eye shadow, lipstick and blush, it’s time to fix it up with the new Konstante Eleganz Fixer. It can fix your make up to 12 hours and you may keep looking stunning as ever throughout those sweaty dance moves and countless hits at the bar station.

3. Do a Collagen Facial

When your face looks hydrated, you require minimalistic make- up to give yourself a more natural and a radiant look. Collagen Facial massages helps to rehydrate your skin to make it look firmer and smoother. Collagen facial massages make use of steaming, extraction, machine collagen treatment and collagen soothing gel treatment. 

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4. Remove your makeup before going to bed

Always remove your make up with a makeup remover like Skinfood Shakepoint Makeup Remover to wash away even those waterproof mascaras. While choosing a makeup remover, it’s best to pick a natural one. Removers containing milk and rose as the base material not only removes those tight makeups smoothly, but, also helps in soothing and hydrating the skin. For more offers on beauty products, click here.

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