Relocating Or Moving Apartment In Penang? Here Are Some Stress Free Moving Tips

Relocating Or Moving Apartment In Penang? Here Are Some Stress Free Moving Tips | Moving out of your penang apartment doesn’t need to be stressful provided you follow the correct procedures, below are some key points to consider when relocating from one point to another:

Relocating Or Moving Apartment In Penang? Here Are Some Stress Free Moving Tips

I. Repair any damages in your old home before moving out

Usually, landlords will only give you back the security deposit money after they are satisfied that the house is in good condition, the same way you found it when initially moved in.

If there are any damages such as broken taps, leaking roof and so on then they should be repaired in ample time before relocation.

As part of the lease agreement, most landlords have a copy of the home’s inspection report that was prepared before you entered. This report should have been settled upon by both parties earlier, so that you can only fix what has been caused by you and not any other pre-existing damages.

II. Make a short to-do list 

When moving, there are so many things that one needs to remember and sometimes it can be easy to forget certain tasks or requirements. For instance, there may be library books that you should have returned before relocating.

If you make the mistake of carrying them over to your new place, then the only way to return them back to the library would be through courier shipment which can be quite expensive. Other things to remember are picking up clothes from the dry cleaners, returning rental movies and so on.

Before the last box is packed and shipped out, ensure that every item is in its right place and they all belong to you.

This list should preferably be made, read and reviewed one week or more before moving out. But it can also be used last-minute to ensure that you have done all the necessary steps.

III. Donate, sell or throw away any unwanted stuff

If there are items in your luggage that have not been used for many years such as old clothes, shoes and appliances. Then the best thing to do is discarding them so as to make space for other more useful items, this will also make your load much lighter.

Look through stuff that could have been tucked behind the closet for many years and give them away to friends, while also selling the good ones. The goal is doing away with items that have been hoarded for years and only keeping those that you want to use in the new place.

IV. Label your goods and pack them into categories

Labeling your boxes will ensure that the relocation is much more organized and easy to do, it shall also save you a lot of time when the packages are finally unloaded into your new house. The transporters will know what specific rooms to put the individual boxes, and you’ll also know what’s fitted inside each one of them.

Furthermore, by properly labeling the goods, fragile items can be identified and handled with more care during transportation so that they don’t get damaged. For instance, heavier boxes would not be put on top of them.

To avoid any damage, preferably write 'Handle with Care’ or 'Fragile’ on any box that contains delicate or easy-to-break objects. Similarly, label the packages you want to take yourself without any help from the movers as 'Do Not Move.’ This way they’ll know what to pick and what not to pick during relocation.

Likewise, you may want to assign each box an identifying number, and then create a separate list where the content found in each package is carefully recorded. When you start unpacking after moving to the new home, check each numbered box on the list to determine what’s inside the individual boxes.

V. Let expert movers help with the relocation

When traveling long-distance or handling delicate goods, it’s always best to seek the services of professional movers who are skilled in such matters. Look for experienced, trustworthy and customer-friendly movers who have the necessary tools and equipment for doing this task. For instance, all glass objects, including the TV, should be carefully wrapped with a soft cover to avoid breaking.

Furthermore, most expert movers nowadays allow clients to customize their transportation services, so that it can meet their goals and everything stays according to budget.

In matters of moving, attention to detail matters a lot. Professional movers are trained and highly efficient so as not to scratch your freshly-painted walls, scuff your floors or store any items unwrapped.

VI. Hire professional cleaners

You definitely don’t want to move into a dirty house, therefore the best thing to do before relocating is seeking the services of professional home cleaners. They will help remove any dirt or wastes that may be there, so that you won’t have to clean the house yourself after moving in.

There are many companies that provide cleaning services and most of them can be hired online, it would be wise to hire them a few days before entering your new home so that they can wash it promptly and allow some ample time for drying. Cleaning your apartment is not only hygienic, but shall also help in maintaining the items that you put inside such as furniture.

VII. Conduct as many errands as possible within a single day

If possible, complete as many moving tasks as you can within one day so that you don’t have to spread them over into two or more days which can be quite stressful. This could be grabbing enough shipment boxes and bubble wrap from the stores, renting a storage unit, setting up a new mail forwarding address and so forth.

To be on the safe side, refer to the list of errands you developed earlier and categorize them based on their priority level. Completing multiple tasks in a single day is also a lot cheaper than taking a much longer period, for instance, it would be wise to ship all your belongings once instead of doing so in two or more batches which will likely cost you more.

In conclusion, it’s always important to know where your boxes are going so as to get access to the next available space within the shortest time possible.

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