Public Speaking Tips

February 03, 2016

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Public Speaking Tips

1. How to avoid nervousness

- Prepare & practice

- Do not be too self conscious

- Do not bother too much of what people think about us

- Think positive about audience

2. How to grab people's attention

- MC needs to inform profile to the audience

- Hook audience in the first 2 minutes

- Be yourself & be passionate

- Do not stand still

- Avoid Monotonous

3. How to structure talk

- If you're given choice,better choose 20 minutes to deliver your talk

- Divide into 3 sections for each point

* Main idea/point
* Supporting points
- Facts
- Story

( Sharing from Irfan Khairi )

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3 Sahabat Setia

  1. nice tips kak lya..
    ayu penah kene public speaking tu..
    main bantai je..
    nasib la antara yang kenal2 je


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